Make~Up Masterclass

New,  Group Step by Step Makeup Masterclass.


So that you can get individual attention, these are limited to only 4 ladies per session and they take place once a month. The days and dates vary so please  email me at  to find out more information.

The Benefits of a Makeup Lesson

  • Have an uncomplicated beauty routine that works for you
  • See how to create the ‘overall’ appearance of radiant & healthy looking skin
  • Practice makes perfect, improve your application skills
  • Conceal imperfections, create a smooth base, set the look for day or night
  • Have fun using colour and not feeling intimidated by it
  • Makeup is an accessory, discover different ways
  • Makeup is there to enhance your beauty, not to mask it
  • Remember, beautiful, healthy skin starts with a great skincare routine
  • Please note: as this is a group session, it wont take into account individual eye shapes.

arbonne brush

Having a gorgeous face isn’t about spending loads of money on expensive products, its about understanding what your needs are and having the right products in the right places.

As ladies, we seem to be expected to know how to apply make~up correctly but how are you meant to do that if you haven’t been taught? What if you grew up in a family where no one wore make~up, how did you learn?   What about your teenager?  Do you throw your hands up in despair at the amount of make~up she wears, but you can’t help her to get it right?

There are lots of tutorials out there but they are not talking about ‘you‘.  We all have different needs and concerns and what’s more, we have different eye shapes, so your make~up needs to be individual.

My Make~up lessons are all about ‘you’ and the great thing is, you do all the work, therefore learning so much more.

During my lessons, you will be doing the make~up along with me, so that you will really learn the application techniques along the way and also understand the reasons ‘why’.   I have a variety of lessons that I do as everyone needs and wants different things.

Teenage Beauty

Discover the right skincare products for you and start your lesson with a great cleanse, tone and moisturise. Bring your makeup bag with you and we can see what you have, show you how to use products correctly and then have a lesson in applying the ‘look’ you are after.

Beauty at every age

Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Winter Years…at every age we have different needs as we mature.  In your thirties we are raising families and don’t have much time, so the 5 minute face is a great one to learn! Forties our skin needs a luminous glow and in our fifties, we need to restore radiance ~ luckily that isn’t hard at all!!

Mother & Daughter sessions

This is a lovely session.  Spend some time out together and learn and glow the girly things that we need in life!.  Having the lesson together will help you both to understand different needs and concerns and you will be able to help each other afterwards too.


Looking for romance and would like an update on your ‘Look’

Would you love to experiment but not in the eye of the public, then come! having been a Lancôme Beauty Consultant, I absolutely know what it is like both sides of the counter.  So, come on over and have a play!

My lessons are fun, relaxing and very rewarding

Includes Your Makeup Chart and personal notes

Kind Words

Sarah & Katie, Mother & Daughter Session ~ I took my daughter for a personal session with Jo on skincare and makeup for the both of us.  We had a lovely time experimenting with all the products and she showed us how to apply them correctly. She listened carefully to our needs and responded accordingly.  It was a total pressure free experience.  Jo is lovely, she is very friendly, knowledge and passionate about what she does, so if youre considering any kind of image make~over, then look no further.

Marina ~ The Makeup session with Jo was excellent, very good fun and informative.  Jo took time to listen and understand and then planned out a really interesting session, focusing on what was important for me.  I was very pleased with the outcome and have learned a lot. Many thanks!

Charlotte, Mummy,  ~ For someone who is a little nervous about applying make-up, Jo made me feel totally at ease. Her wonderful sense of humour, yet wonderful product knowledge, allowed me to relax and thoroughly enjoy learning a new skill.  Jo talked us through every step with thorough explanations and gave us all individual attention to perfect our skills. She clearly believes in her Mary Kay products which shows in her enthusiasm. Jo’s approach is very gentle, but hugely fun! It was one of the happiest, most self-indulgent afternoons I’ve had for a long time!  Thanks Jo!

Kate, Accountant ~ I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Monday; your kindness, sense of humour and skill made the whole session enjoyable. I very much enjoyed the fact that we all had our own stations to work at, that we could use the products, and that you taught us skills that I didn’t have before. There was no part I didn’t enjoy; I felt very lucky to be the model and thought the products were excellent.

To book please contact me.