Wardrobe Weeding

How do you feel when you open your wardrobe doors? 

Is it a haven of colours and styles that you love and wear, mixing and matching creating various outfits or, like many, is it full of items that haven’t seen the light of day for months even years.  Is it full of styles that ‘one day’ you might fit into them again, what about that outfit  you love and feel amazing in, but you only wear it for special occasions ~ why ~ every day can be special.  What happens if that Special day never comes and the one outfit that you love and gives you that feeling is just hanging there, unloved.  A Wardrobe Weed is a very liberating experience for you and breathes life into your wardrobe.

I will go through your wardrobe with you and discover what items you love and loathe. You, like many other people, will probably have a mixture of colours, shapes, styles and sizes. Together, we will get rid of those unwanted items and make your wardrobe work for you so that everything is loved, worn and versatile. We will put it back together in an orderly fashion that works for you and overtime your wardrobe will reflect your lifestyle and personality.

Having a Wardrobe Weed will:

  • Create a loved, worn and versatile wardrobe
  • Let you wear everything that is inside it
  • Reflect your lifestyle and personality
  • Enable you to mix and match ‘new’ outfits
  • Keep you on top of items that you need to buy
  • Give you a shopping list of missing items

To book your session, please contact me.