Your Happy Colours

THE POWER OF COLOUR is extraordinary and you will be amazed by what you will see during this consultation.

Before the consultation starts, we will have a cuppa together and chat so that I can find your love and dislikes for colour, discover the outfits you loved wearing as a child and why.  This will bring back some fantastic memories for you and it’s a real pleasure to see the looks on my clients faces when describing those days. Believe me, this studio has heard some fantastic shockers!!! As kids we are just so creative when we dress up!

The Benefits of a Colour Analysis

  • Feel empowered, positive and confident within yourself
  • Your colours will make you look younger, slimmer and healthier
  • Find the confidence to go for colours that you wouldn’t normally
  • Discover  ‘those’ colours to add to your outfits to give a  ‘punch’
  • Understand what your ‘neutral’ colours are to use as building blocks for your wardrobe
  • What colours are your best for buying ‘investment’ items
  • Save money by making fewer mistakes
  • Save time by knowing what to look for

During this consultation, you will see how your face will change shape, size and colour just by the power of colour alone.  When you wear colours that ‘dont’ love you, they will highlight your imperfections and change your features, sometimes quite dramatically!

Some Examples of Why do people have their colours ‘done’ ? 

  • Karen had lost her confidence through a serious illness.  She felt she didn’t know who she was anymore as her whole lifestyle had to change. By having her colours analysed, she could create a ‘healthy’ appearance instantly just by wearing ‘her’ colours
  • Jackie runs her own business but needed more of a professional and confident look to her outfits as she felt frumpy.  This session gave her the tools to go and buy the right ‘power’ colours to bring her up to date and add that punch to her wardrobe.
  • Helen was about to set up a company with 5 male directors.  She knew that she needed to be taken seriously and needed her personal appearance to match.
  • Debbie had recently shed an awful lot of weight, 5 stone, and was delighted with her results and was on the start of a new journey for her. She wanted to shine like a star for her friends to see and by wearing ‘her’ colours, she stands out like a jewel in the crowd.

Cost £199

3 hour session to include a mini makeover, your wallet of happy colours and a Personalised Colour Book. (the book is sent to you in the post)